Indoor Pools

Indoor pools designed for your home by Westcountry Leisure
Indoor pools supplied to Dorset, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly

When choosing a new swimming pool for your home there are many aspects which need to be taken into consideration. One of them is whether you're looking for an outdoor or indoor pool.

The main advantage of an indoor swimming pool is that it isn’t affected by changing weather conditions or drops in temperature. Therefore it's easier to maintain the temperature of the water and tune it to your requirements.

We provide pool design and construction for our indoor pools, taking into consideration the need for a proper ventilation system.

Heating indoor pools

Due to the lack of solar heat, indoors pools require much more energy to heat up. While this additional cost can be off-putting, we can provide our expertise to overcome much of this added cost. This includes:

  • Energy conscious & efficient heating systems
  • Air & ground source heat pumps, Photovoltaic & solar panel
  • Efficient lighting
  • Efficient pumps/motors
  • Insulated pools
Add something special to your home with an indoor pool from Westcountry Leisure

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